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Q-GPS streamlines dealership lead management and turns information into cash!

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Prospect Information Gathering

Q-GPS lead management ILM/CRM gives you a 360 view of the entire sales and marketing operation.

You won’t need to purchase Drivers License card scanners or hand-held devices to gather sales prospect information. These devices are costly, often too complex for “old school” staff, they tend break down, and many customers find them intrusive. The Q-GPS customer information gathering system combines low-tech (paper) and high-tech into a simple and easy-to-use system that works in virtually any dealership.

The main sales opportunity screen is customized based on your dealership’s sales process, what you sell, your geographic area, traffic types most common to your dealership, and your advertisers. We combine your dealer specific information with other generic fields to create a custom information collection form. We call it the Sales Slip. Sales staff gather customer information using the sales slip and then enter the information into Q-GPS. Sales staff are alerted instantly if the prospect is currently working with another sales person. To make it even easier, next contact follow-up tasks are created automatically. 



  • Custom built sales opportunity screen for your dealership.
  • Custom sales prospect information collection form (paper).
  • Not only is it easy to add a second contact to a deal it's also fast. 
  • Sales prospect purchase preferences by type and subtype, year/make/model, finance/cash/lease, price range, new or used.
  • VIN Decoder for trade (or unit to purchase).
  • Find Matches tool prevents sales person disputes over lead ownership.
  • Track what advertiser attracted the sales prospect to your dealership.
  • Auto-generate Next Contact follow-up tasks.
Quantech Software Screenshot
Work your deals using the Q-GPS Opportunity screen. Custom-built based on your dealership, this screen shows you what's going on in every aspect of the lead.

Work your deals using the Q-GPS Opportunity screen. Custom-built based on your dealership, this screen shows you what's going on in every aspect of the lead.

After Sales Follow up (CRM’s)

Quantech’s sales follow-up tools make it easy to turn one-time customers into lifetime customers, or turn people that didn’t purchase last time into buyers next time. With Q-GPS it’s a breeze to create lifetime customers. “CRMs”, Quantech’s term for follow-up customer records, are automatically created when someone buys or when a sales opportunity is lost. A follow-up campaign consisting of pre-defined task reminders for any GPS user. The series of tasks are then applied to the CRM. Follow-up files are separated from active sales opportunities to reduce the chance of important opportunities falling through the crack. CRM tasks are separated into today’s tasks, future tasks, and overdue tasks. Sales staff can send emails, create tasks, and review past purchase history from the main CRM screen. At any time a CRM can be converted into an active Opportunity. It couldn’t be easier!


  • Custom follow-up task reminders for any deal type.
  • “Lost Sale” follow-up campaigns can be automatically applied to lost opportunities.
  • Follow-up campaigns can be configured based specific criteria EG. Loan maturity date.
  • Current and previous vehicle and F&I purchase information accessible for viewing at any time.
  • Sales follow up records (CRM) can be converted into active sales opportunity.
  • Email templates for professional communication.

Daily Sales Funnel / Sales Hopper Management

Quantech Q-GPS will keep your sales staff focused on the most important things first, deals that are going to close in the short term. We do that by separating people looking to purchase in the current buying cycle (Opportunities) from prospects interested but not actively looking to purchase at this time (CRMs). Sales staff will work their leads from the Q-GPS Home screen, it’s ingeniously designed to make it easy for a sales person to see what they have to do today, tomorrow, and of course, what didn’t get done yesterday. From this single screen a sales person can perform all of their most common tasks including daily follow-ups, entering new opportunities, sending emails using the included templates, view their opportunities based on how long they’ve been in the system.

As sales staff work a deal and take prospects through the sales process they can add co-buyers, enter a trade, request a trade appraisal, or review all notes related to the deal (Worksheets and Offers to Purchase can be printed at any time). Once the deal is closed, the opportunity, worksheet and trade appraisal information is sent to the finance office in paper or electronic format. If the finance office is using Quantech Q-F&I software all of this information will pre-populate the F&I deal, saving the finance office time.

Would you like to double the size of your inventory without it costing you a penny? Q-GPS tracks trade information as well as what sales prospect wants to purchase by type and subtype. The Q-GPS trade matching tool uses this information to match buyers and sellers.



  • Separate views for prospects in “buying mode” and those “just looking”.
  • Email templates for professional communication.
  • Follow-ups (CRMs), created automatically for people that purchased, (or didn’t ).
  • Allocate incoming leads to sales staff
  • Enter notes and create tasks automatically using “closed-loop” system
  • All interaction is time-stamped and cannot be deleted or altered.
  • Add a trade to a deal using trade appraisal form (includes VIN decoder).
  • Custom sales worksheet.
  • Send deal information (customer, trade, and deal information) to the finance office.
  • Move prospects through all sales stages of the Sales Funnel .
  • Temporarily re-assign opportunities to other sales staff .
  • Review previous purchase history.
  • Trade Matching Tool
Quantech Software Screenshot
Use the Q-GPS to easily manage your daily tasks - today's, yesterday's, and tomorrow's tasks are separated for easy viewing. The most important ones are highlighted in red.

Use the Q-GPS to easily manage your daily tasks - today's, yesterday's, and tomorrow's tasks are separated for easy viewing. The most important ones are highlighted in red.

Reporting and Analysis

Unlike some Lead Management CRM software systems, you won’t need a programmer or IT specialist to pull a report from Q-GPS. All reports are designed to be readily accessible, easily understood and above all pertinent to the managers reading them. A challenge some managers have with lead management reporting systems is the simple act of going in and getting them, and while any Q-GPS report can be pulled manually at anytime, one of the most powerful features in Q-GPS is that reports can be set up to be sent to you automatically.

Another key feature of the Q-GPS lead management and CRM reporting system is the format they’re done in. Many are output in Excel making them easy to modify for managers proficient using Excel. Others are output in an easy-to-read text format, making them readable on hand-held devices like Blackberries or iPhones.

In addition to the historical reports that tell you what’s happened in the past, Q-GPS also contains a dynamic reporting system, called Alerts. Alerts are easily set up and can notify you the moment something important occurs at the dealership.



Historical Reports

  • Sales Opportunity Information – learn what’s been added or lost, based on any time-frame (summary or detailed information).
  • CRM Conversion- how many CRMs have been converted to active sales opportunities?
  • New Opportunities – how many new sales opportunities were created in any given time period?
  • Phone Lists
  • Advertising Efficiency – what advertisers provide the most leads, as well as the best leads?
  • What is your cost per lead for each advertiser?
  • Area Reports that tell where your sales prospects are from, more importantly, and if that differs from where yur buyers are from?
  • Sales Effectiveness – What’s the close ratio for each member of your sales team? What’s the highest stage in the sales process reached for each sales person?
  • Match Trades – match what people have to trade with what others want to buy.
  • Demographic information – what types of leads does the dealership receive? Which ones are most likely to purchase?
  • Purchase Preference – what are people looking to buy?
  • Why Won / Why Lost – Why do people purchase from your dealership? When you lose deals, what’s the reason?
  • Our new Web Form Ratios is used to determine what forms on your website are giving you the best bang for your buck. The report shows a close ratios for each form. 


Dynamic Reports (Alerts)

  • New Opportunity Added
  • Opportunity Handed Off (to the finance office)
  • Opportunity Hand Off Accepted (by the finance manager)
  • Opportunity Lost
  • Opportunity Won
  • Trade Added
  • Trade Appraised

Management and Decision Support

Ultimately, Q-GPS reports are designed to help you manage your dealership more effectively. That means getting timely information about the inventory you’re purchasing, the advertisers you’re working with and the customers that are purchasing from you. The Q-GPS Lead Management / CRM will tell you exactly what people are looking for, as well as what advertiser is giving you the best bang for the buck.

Q-GPS will also help you coach your sales team to success. It does this by telling you where in the sales process each sales person is falling short, making it much easier for your sales trainer to design their programs based on the needs of your sales team.

Q-GPS also has great tools to help you manage your team on daily basis. The sales Dashboard is the first thing a manager sees when they log into Q-GPS, from the dashboard a manager can see at a glance if sales are on target, if the sales hopper is full or if sales staff have been tardy in dealing with their daily tasks.

“Home” is possibly the best management tool in the Q-GPS Lead Management / CRM tool. The Opportunity Task Window tells the sales manager what their sales team is doing today, what they didn’t get done yesterday, and what they have to do tomorrow. The manager can print an overdue task list for follow-up with each sales person. Also from “Home”, managers can review, lost opportunities, the sales hopper, as well as each sales person’s goal status.

The bottom line…improve close ratios, reduce cost per sale, increase profit on every deal!



  • Sales staff performance reports that show close ratios, and sales process bottlenecks. 
  • Our new Opportunity Progress report shows how well your sales team is performing over any given period. It's very helpful in determining where to put your training efforts. 
  • Printable list of overdue tasks.
  • Goal setting tools.
  • Advertising ROI reports.
  • Instant Alerts that inform managers when new sales staff are using the system.
  • Sales prospect segmentation reports based on geography.
  • Vehicles (Units) wanted report.
  • Trade reports.

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