Quantech Dealership Lead Management System


Introducing Quantech Q-GPS Dealership Lead Management Software

Perfect for these industry solutions:

Automotive Lead Management
  • RV Dealership Management
  • Sales Tracking
  • Internet Lead Management (ILM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marine Dealership Software

Lead Management For Any Type of Dealership

Q-GPS will take Internet lead management and CRM at your Auto dealership, RV dealership, Power Sports Dealership, or Marine Dealership to the next level. We’ve combined years of R&D work, tried and true dealership sales practices, and the latest in Internet tools and developed a system that will help your dealership increase performance on the sales floor and in the marketing department.

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Quantech Software Screenshot
Work your deals using the Q-GPS Opportunity screen. Custom-built based on your dealership, this screen shows you what's going on in every aspect of the lead.

Work your deals using the Q-GPS Opportunity screen. Custom-built based on your dealership, this screen shows you what's going on in every aspect of the lead.


  • Better Follow Up
  • With Q-GPS there’s no more “trying” to remember to create the next follow up task, how to write the perfect follow up email, or keep touch with people that purchased earlier this year. Customer relationship management has never been easier.

  • Seeing the Big Picture
  • Managers and sales staff will love how the “dashboard” graphically displays top level information with the ability to drill down to the details. In seconds get the right information to focus your attention where it’s needed most. Other CRM’s bury you in details, but our software enables dealership management from a 30,000 ft. view as well.

  • Sales Effectiveness
  • The Q-GPS follow up system makes it impossible for leads to fall through the cracks. Your sales team’s daily activities will be laser-focused on what’s going to put money in their wallet right now! It’s like having half of the work for your sales lead management done for you!

  • Management Effectiveness
  • Q-GPS makes it easy for you to see at a glance what’s getting done, and more importantly what isn’t, so you can focus YOUR attention where it’s needed. Q-GPS tells you where your advertising dollars are most effective and what customers are looking for so you can make better inventory purchases. Our dealership management software enables auto dealers, RV dealers, power sport and marine dealers to go beyond the raw data of a basic CRM system - it helps you make smarter business decisions everyday.

    10 (ok, 11) REASONS


    Easy to Use
    Your sales staff will sell more because Q-GPS is so easy to use, they'll use it.


    Stay On Top
    Respond to customers in a timely manner and make sure nothing EVER falls through the cracks.


    Follow Up
    Turn one-time customers into lifetime customers using the customized CRM follow-up campaigns.


    Stay Informed
    Be notified instantly when key sales related events or accomplishments occur.


    Train Effectively
    Focus staff training in the areas it’s needed most using facts learned from the sales reporting tools.


    Smart Reports
    Use the advertising reporting tools to maximize advertising expenditures.


    We’ll customize Q-GPS so it incorporates your dealership’s sale process, your advertisers, the types of customers you work with, your geographic location, and the types of units you sell.


    More Smart Reports
    You'll know what’s happening on the sales floor from the easy-to-understand reports sent to you automatically, when you want them.


    You'll know where you’re at and what you need to focus from the sales dashboard.


    Email Templates
    It will be easy for sales staff to communicate professionally using the email templates.


    Trades Tool
    Use the Match Trades tool to turn trades into a valuable selling asset before you've spent a dime on them.


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