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Finance managers have less than 10 minutes to get the buyers' attention. 

Finance managers have less than 10 minutes to get the buyers' attention. 

Finance managers used to have all the time in the world to present lending and F&I product offerings to potential buyers. Not anymore! The two-hour “in the box” session with a finance manager doesn’t fly with today’s younger buyers that expect everything at their fingertips via their smartphones. Finance managers have less than ten minutes to get the buyer's attention. During that time, they must be prepared to discuss any scenario the buyer hits them with. To meet this challenge, managers need tools and access to information not available in most dealer management systems (DMS).

Enter Quantech’s finance & insurance software suite - Q-F&I. This gives business managers access to everything on one screen to quickly show buyers accurate payments with virtually any F&I product. Using Q-F&I as the hub, it’s possible to take a centralized approach and do everything without leaving Quantech; all payment and F&I product options can be presented to the customer from one screen (or menu).

To make this possible, F&I product options are loaded into the Quantech system in advance or made accessible using one of its integrations. The same goes for lenders; in addition to integrating with DealerTrack and Route One, Quantech integrates directly with lenders (including LendCare Finance and Yamaha Motor Finance Canada). These integrations allow the business manager to tailor the product and payment offerings to the customer in mere seconds as opposed to minutes. Speed, flexibility and accuracy are the primary benefits of the centralized hub approach using Q-F&I.

Automotive dealerships, RV dealerships, Power Sports dealerships and Marine dealerships are earning more profits from F&I than ever before. QF&I helps these dealerships maximize these profits with an intuitive platform that allows access to all the information you need, right at your fingertips.

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