PowerSports Profit Secrets - 6 Ways for powersports dealerships to increase profits

I am constantly astounded by the number of Powersport dealers that are satisfied with how things are – they aren’t interested in increasing profitability. They’re the ones that do things the same way, year in and year out and watch their company take its own course depending on how the season goes. Downloading…

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Boosting Profits With Menu Selling

While it is unlikely your customers will purchase something they do not need – for sure they are not going to buy something that was not presented. Menus don’t sell anything on their own – a menu’s purpose is to present the growing number of products you sell more efficiently than a step selling approach. A…

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Integrated versus non-integrated

This article is for dealerships currently evaluating menu selling software solutions. It examines some of the pros and cons of integrated (with DMS) and standalone software. Both have their weaknesses -- except perhaps, Quantech's Deal-O-Matic deal engine. Integrated SolutionsWhile an integrated menu…

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No Change to Sales Practices

This whitepaper was written for dealership staff that hold the belief that process change is required when software replaces manual systems. It’s a fact. Lots of dealerships still use manual systems with little or no software to manage the sales process; and many of them are very successful. There seems…

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