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Unsolicited Testimonials

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Quantech customers say great things about Quantech!

Most every software provider touts their great service and support. The difference is; Quantech delivers what other companies only promise.

Two unsoliciated testimonials from Quantech customers.

From: Ed Evoy

Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2013 11:28 AM
To: Mike Martin
Subject: Good afternoon Mike

As the General Manager of Quantech Software, I thought you would like to hear the following.

As always, it has been a pleasure in dealing with Quantech. No, this is not a suck up letter, but a letter to let you know how I/we at Christie's RV feel about Quantech and its people behind the scenes. Not once have I ever had an issue with the software. Your tech support of Suzette, Claas and Mihai have been outstanding, and continue to be. The ease of use has been a blessing from day one and the fact that when I need something done, it's done a.s.a.p. Sometimes even before I am able to make the call to discuss.

I continue to rave about the people of Quantech, sometimes more than the software. In all reality, to me, it's the people behind the products and the way they support the people using their products. No doubt in my mind that the employees at Quantech should be recognized for the efforts they put forth each and every day. In fact, I am asking that they be recognized for that. It's the reason that companies grow and maintain the relations that they do.

Thank you to all at Quantech for everything you have done, do and continue to do. Looking forward to many more years of business relations.


Edward B. Evoy
Financial Services Manager
Christie Camper Sales

From: Ron Sherwood

Sent: July-17-13 7:49 AM
To: Suzette Cc: Will Smit
Subject: Quantech

Good morning Suzette and Will,

Just a note of thanks and appreciation to you and Claas and Mihal for all your support and assistance over past month in getting program set up just the way we wanted it. You and your team have always demonstrated a friendly, professional attitude despite my continual requests and you have certainly met and exceeded our expectations.

We do appreciate all you’ve done and thanks again,

Ron Sherwood
Business Manager
Phil's Auto and Recreation

Comment from Quantech GM, Mike Martin

I interviewed 10 Quantech customers before I came to Quantech. Having had bad experiences working for companies that didn’t provide great support and service I wanted to work with one that did, so I asked Jack Pyck, Quantech’s owner for the names of ten customers I could call. He gave me Quantech’s entire customer list and said I could call any of them. Jack told me they would all say great things. He was right; all ten said great things about Quantech.

It’s been almost seven years since then. I take great pride in the dedication and quality of service our staff provide.

Mike Martin MBA
General Manager,

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