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Technology Innovator Award

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Westbank and District Chamber of Commerce have once again recognized Quantech Inc. as the worthy recipient of their highly acclaimed TECHNOLOGY INNOVATOR AWARD . Quantech Inc. was awarded this honor in 2002 and again in 2004 with the successful release of two new software programs, QuantechV6 and F&I Booster .

The TECHNOLOGY INNOVATOR AWARD is designed to recognize a company that has shown ingenuity and innovation in developing and implementing new technology, and who's technical innovation has created opportunity and growth in the region through employment, increased productivity and successful commercialization.

Westbank, the home of Quantech Software, is located in Canada’s premier high tech centre, the heart of The Silicon Vineyard Technology Region of the Okanagan Valley. Quantech Software is a privately held high-tech company focused on the development, sale and support of F&I management systems for Automotive, RV, Marine, Motorsport and Heavy Equipment dealerships. It is their unsurpassed dedication to customer service and support, and their ongoing objective to produce customer-driven, quality software that is effective, cost efficient and easy to use, that maintains their position as the #1 choice for F&I software

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