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Sending a Mail Merge

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Sending a Mail Merge

Did you know you are able to create your mass letters and correspondence with the click of a few buttons? Here's how...

Step #1 - From the Customer Database click on the "Contact Reports" button in the top left corner.

Step #2 - Choose the time frame with the pop up calendar in "Step 1 SELECT DATE RANGE" of the customers you wish to contact.

Step #3 - Skip second search criteria unless you have different business names to choose from.

Step #4 - Under "Select Report" choose which list of customers you want to print a letter for: Buyers,
Co-buyers, No Warranty Buyers or No Pro-Pak Buyers. The list result will include all the customers
that deals were delivered to during the date range you selected.

Step #5 - Click on the "Mail Merge" button near the bottom left. This will take you to your "Form Letters" screen.

*Notice that you have the ability to import your company logo into the logo window. Once imported, you will have your logo printed on your letters until you decide to remove it. This is not recommended if you are printing on letterhead. Call us if you require assistance.

*Create your letter templates by clicking on "View Letters" (bottom of page) and then in the view letters window, click on "New Letter" (bottom of page). A box will appear that will allow you to enter the desired text of your letter. You can add as many different letters as you wish. The program will automatically generate a number (customizable) associated with the letter option. Click the back button to take you back to the template screen once you are finished creating the letters. Add or edit as you wish.

Call us if you require assistance.

Step #6 - Select the letter you wish to use by clicking on the drop down list to the right of "Select an existing letter" or enter the new text on the fly.

Step #7 - Choose your letter close by clicking on the "Select letter close" drop down list. Either; choose from the list or edit and add your own.

Step #8 - Make sure you have entered your name (or the name of the person you want as the signatory) beside "Sign your name here".

Step #9 - Click the "Print" button and the program will automatically print a letter for each of the customers you have short listed (your print window will appear allowing you to choose which printer to send to).

Refer to page 58 of your manual for instruction. If you still have questions and would like to have a quick run through the process, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help!

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