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Quick Quote Payout Calculator

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Quick Quote Payout Calculator

Are you familiar with the payout calculator to determine an estimated lien payout? Here’s how it works….

STEP ONE- Click on “Quick Quote” from your

“Deals” database, located in top left corner. You can also access Quick

Quote from the deal page if you have already begun inputting the deal.

STEP TWO- Under “Payout Calculator” at

right, enter the amount of the monthly payment, enter the interest rate

for the loan, enter the term of the loan under “amortization period”

and finally enter the number of payments already made to the loan. Any

of these amounts can be estimated in order to get an estimated payout.

STEP THREE- Tab out of the final “# of

payments made” field and the estimated payout automatically appears.

You now have the option of canceling out of

the Quick Quote and entering the lien amount into the working deal or

you can save the information in a new deal by clicking on “apply

payout” then “save” and you can now add the customer information and

the inventory to the new deal page.

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