BlogQuantech Software Inc retires QPrint – releases QPrint “Integrated” (QPI)

Quantech Software Inc retires QPrint – releases QPrint “Integrated” (QPI)

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With the launch of QPrint Integrated (QPI), the team at Quantech Software Inc., has reiterated their commitment to delivering economical tools to help maximize business office efficiency and profitability. The new solution integrates all forms printing functionality into the Q-F&I/DMS worksheet eliminating the need for the Windows print utility, QPrint.

QPI is built on the Quantech’s new development platform, released in November 2020. “From a user’s standpoint it’s the most significant functionality update since we launched Q-F&I Online in 2014”, according to Mike Martin, President, Quantech Software Inc., “we can program virtually any form into QPI, and for the first time even Mac users can print their forms without moving to another computer”.

The move is particularly timely, with the company’s recent research showing that an estimated 50% of technical support efforts are related to installing and supporting QPrint. “We have programmed thousands of forms into QPrint over the years; all need to be reprogrammed into QPI. Initially, new customers and those with lots of users will be moved to QPI. We expect it will take a year or so to move our entire customer base,” Gary Young, General Manager, Quantech.

The new technology will also make it possible for Quantech to offer its F&I partners expanded certificate management tools. Larger F&I providers have their own portals that manage certificate printing, reporting and remittances. They can tell in real-time how many warranties and credit insurances they have sold. Smaller providers have to wait until the month is over to see how well they have performed. “We can offer smaller F&I providers similar management tools at a fraction of what it would cost them to setup and manage their own portal”, Young.

About Quantech Software Inc.

Quantech Software Inc. is a privately held company and developer of the powerful dealer management tools, Q-DMS/F&I and Q-Menus used by Canadian Auto, RV, Marine and Powersports dealerships. Founded in 1998, Quantech Software Inc. is located in British Columbia, Canada.

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