BlogQuantech Migrates Software to Servoy Software Development Platform

Quantech Migrates Software to Servoy Software Development Platform

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Quantech Software Inc is pleased to announce it has concluded a four year project to move its software suite to a new platform.

Moving Q-Menus and Q-F&I to a new platform is the largest development project ever undertaken by Quantech. “We started four years ago after learning a small but critical component of its previous software architecture was retiring in 2021”, according to Mike Martin, President Quantech Software Inc. “After an extensive year-long search we selected Servoy as the best option for moving to a new platform as quickly and cost-effectively as possible”.

Actual development started in in early 2019 and was completed approximately a year later. Quantech used Servoy’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) system to program Quantech’s flagship product into the new system quickly. Q-F&I was ready for internal testing in the new environment in early April 2020. Quantech staff started moving its customer-base to the new version in early October 2020. “Our team did a fantastic job moving our users to the new platform in less than 100 days”, according to Gary Young, Quantech Software General Manager.

Quantech expects the new programming tools will keep Quantech ahead of the development curve for years to come.“We chose Servoy over other platforms because of their commitment to support new technology and future computing however it’s done, just like Quantech! Now that we’re on this new platform we’ll be able to develop in ways we previously couldn’t”, adds Martin, “Our development team focused on this project for three years…and now that it’s complete they are excited about the future”.

About Quantech Software Inc.

Quantech Software Inc. is a privately held company and developer of the powerful dealer management tools, Q-DMS/F&I and Q-Menus used by over 1,500 Auto, RV, Marine and Powersports dealerships in Canada . Founded in 1998, Quantech Software Inc. is located in British Columbia, Canada. For more information about this release or any Quantech product contact Mike Martin at 877-611-0622 OR go to

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