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Quantech F&I Booster, electronic Menu Selling software of choice for OADS

Quantech Software Inc. is proud to welcome OADS dealerships. OADS has chosen F&I Booster as the Electronic Menu Selling system of choice for their dealerships F&I offices. After a comprehensive evaluation, Quantech Software has once again proven to be a leader in F&I Menu Selling software.

Quantech Software Inc. is the first Canadian F&I software development company to provide Electronic Menu Selling services specifically designed to accommodate the Canadian Automotive market needs. It is with great pleasure that they contribute to taking these dealerships to the next level of success in the F&I department. Quantech Software Inc. provides a wide range of services from Web based training to phone support to ensure their clients and new users are supported every step of the way!

“All of us at Quantech Software Inc. are very excited by the tremendous opportunity that this agreement provides. We will improve F&I profit generation, increase customer satisfaction and improve overall efficiency in countless dealerships throughout Ontario. These businesses will clearly benefit from the addition of our F&I Booster Menu Selling software at unprecedented savings.” said Jack Pyck, Quantech Software’s President.

About OADS
Ontario Automobile Dealer Services Ltd. is the marketing arm of the Ontario Automobile Dealers' Association. They have provided their members with innovative and beneficial programs for over 10 years. From dealership training to innovative mechanical warranties to market driven insurance coverage, they develop and carry out programs second-to-none for quality, practicality and good value.

Every program offered by OADS is the direct result of suggestions made by their dealerships and fellow members at regular Association meetings. They listen to their needs then act on demands to outline a new product or service to fit recommendations. Feasibility and profitability studies are performed and the results of investigations, if positive, take them to forwarding a strategy to their members. Overviews insist they deal only with the most reputable suppliers, underwriters and administrators.

About Quantech Software Inc.
Quantech Software is a privately held high-tech company based in Westbank, British Columbia. The primary business is the development of the Quantech V6 Full Featured F&I Software and sale of F&I management systems for recreational and automotive dealerships. Over the years, Quantech Software Inc. has continually led the F&I Software industry. Today Quantech V6 and F&I Booster can be found in dealerships across Canada and the United States.

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