BlogQuantech and DealerVu complete CRM / DMS Integration

Quantech and DealerVu complete CRM / DMS Integration

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Quantech and DealerVu Complete CRM / DMS Integration

Auto, RV, PowerSports, and Marine dealership software developers, DealerVu and Quantech Software have completed the development and testing of the Q-GPS / DealerVu Integration.

Dealership software developers DealerVu Corporation and Quantech have completed the integration of Quantech Q-GPS (ILM/CRM/Lead Management) with the DealerVu Dealer Management System. "Developers from both companies worked hard on the project", said Jack Pyck, Quantech President, “thanks to their efforts, testing went smoothly resulting in a very strong solution.”

The integration aligns with the natural flow of a sale connecting Quantech's lead management/CRM features to the DealerVu Dealer Management System (DMS). “Sales staff can work a lead in Q-GPS using inventory and customer information from DealerVu”, according to Mike Martin, Quantech General Manager. “Upon the completion of the sales floor activities, the opportunity is handed off to the business office where the business manager can create a deal without having to re-enter customer, unit, or trade information.”

DealerVu F&I tools will be used by the business manager to calculate payments, sell F&I products and deliver the unit. Information from the deal is sent to Q-GPS for auto-generated post-sales follow-ups as soon as it's delivered. “For the most part, information transfer between the two programs occurs automatically so DealerVu users don't have to relearn what they are already doing. That makes for an easier learning curve”, explained Martin.

The initial marketing focus of the Lead Management CRM tools will be to existing DealerVu customers. “We have plenty of customers that have been asking for lead management so we’ll focus our efforts there first”, said Hod Pharis, President of DealerVu.

About is a privately held company and developer of the powerful dealer management tools, Q-GPS, Q-F&I and Q-Menus used by thousands of North American Auto, RV, Marine and Powersport users. Founded in 1998, Quantech Inc. is located in British Columbia, Canada.

For more information about Q-GPS contact Mike Martin at 877-611-0622 OR go to

For more information about the DealerVu Dealer Management System go to or call 866-482-6047.

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