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Quantech adds trade appraiser to GPS

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Quantech adds trade appraiser to Q-GPS.

Westbank BC, - Quantech, software developers of F&I and lead management software for Auto, RV, Marine and Powersport dealerships adds trade appraisal tools to Q-GPS.

Quantech has added trade appraisal tools that include VIN search capabilities to Q-GPS, its sales Growth & Performance System. I’m happy to add this functionality, says Mike Martin, Quantech’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “It’s great when you can add features that provide significantly more value, without increasing the price”.

The Trade Appraiser helps sales staff do the often overlooked information gathering that’s done prior to physically appraising a vehicle. The tool includes VIN search, a 17 point vehicle history questionnaire as well as a printable report containing all of the collected data; appraisals that are requested electronically show up as a task in the appraiser’s task list. “Often, the sales person’s role doesn’t go beyond dropping the keys on the appraiser’s desk with a request for an appraisal in 30 minutes. Now the sales person can do the pre-appraisal interview so a trade can be processed more efficiently than before”, says Martin.

A key part of the new tool is the online VIN search. It shows the Year, Make, Model, of the vehicle as well as choices for Trim Level, Transmission type, and ABS. It also comes with a report containing 22 other VIN related vehicle facts – useful when appraising a vehicle. “The Trade Appraiser adds a lot of value to the lead management, marketing analysis, and coaching tools that are already in Q-GPS”, says Jack Pyck, president of Quantech There is no additional charge for the Trade Appraiser.

About is a privately held company and developer of the powerful dealer management tools, Q-F&I, Q-Menus and Q-GPS, used by hundreds of North American Auto, RV, Marine and Powersport dealers. Founded in 1998, Quantech Inc. is located in British Columbia, Canada.

For more information on Quantech Software, the Trade Appraiser, Q-GPS or this press release, please contact Mike Martin. at 877-611-0622 OR go to

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