BlogQ-F&I Online - New Inventory Management Tools "Defaults"

Q-F&I Online - New Inventory Management Tools "Defaults"

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New Inventory Management Features Make Adding Units and Entering Recon Costs Easier.

Q-F&I Online users are now able to add default values as new inventory units are added to the system. The new feature is accessible at the Home screen via the Company button. Once there, users can set defaults for various invoice and reconditioning costs that are applied as new units are added to stock.

As shown in the following screenshot, Unit Type (New/Used) as well as Lot Pack, Standard Options, Add. Options, Freight, and PDI can all have default figures. Reconditioning defaults are now accessible from this screen as well.

A list of most commonly used reconditioning suppliers and fees are entered in "Unit Reconditioning - Defaults" for quick retrieval later. Users can enter common fees such as inspection, detailing, or frequently used suppliers.

Call Quantech at 877-611-0622 if you need assistance setting your Inventory Defaults or working with Inventory.

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