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Q-F&I Online Launched

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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada - December 3rd, 2013 -- Quantech today announced the launch of “Q-F&I Online”, a web-based F&I solution for Automotive, RV, and PowerSport dealerships.

Q-F&I Online incorporates the best of Quantech’s industry-leading F&I software platform while adding the benefits of “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) delivered via web-browser.

Q-F&I Online is a complete rewrite of its Window’s-based F&I program used by hundreds of Canadian dealerships. “We kept the best features and DNA of our flagship F&I product and migrated it to SaaS for browser-based access from computers, smartphones or tablets” said Jack Pyck, CEO of Quantech Software. “They can get to their deal information from a smartphone or tablet no matter where they are, which makes it easier to juggle deals in progress and also provide timely information both to customers and the sales staff.”

Q-F&I Online comes standard with menu selling, quick quotes, plain paper (laser) forms printing, DealerTrack (finance portal) integration, and powerful reporting. “F&I providers tell us there’s no easier-to-use or more powerful F&I software in Canada” said Mike Martin, Quantech GM. “In our judgement this means more F&I revenue, something all dealerships strive for.”

Q-F&I Online extends benefits beyond the finance department. People throughout the dealership can access the areas of the system they need for their respective roles, whether they are the business manager, sales manager, individual sales staff, or even clerical staff for data entry. Q-F&I Online also saves dealerships money, as unlimited staff members at a dealership can access the system without the need for extra seat licenses. “We charge based on the number of forms printing licenses not users,” said Martin. “This makes for a more reasonably priced system”.

“Our goal has always been to provide the very best F&I software to Canadian dealerships. That’s still our commitment –and now Q-F&I Online opens whole new ways of doing business for our customers,” said Pyck.

ABOUT QUANTECH SOFTWARE Quantech Software is a leading developer of F&I, CRM, and lead management (ILM) systems for Auto, RV and PowerSport dealerships. Founded in 1998 by Jack Pyck, a successful business manager, Quantech is known for products that are attuned to the needs of dealerships at the point of interacting with customers. Contact: Mike Martin, GM Phone: 1-877-611-0622 E-mail: Website:

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