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Q-F&I Online 1.2.9 Released

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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada - June 2, 2014 -- Quantech today released version 1.2.9 of Q-F&I Online, a web-based F&I and inventory management solution for Automotive, RV, PowerSport, and marine dealerships.

Quantech Bolsters Inventory Management Tools in Q-F&I Online Version 1.2.9

In addition to several minor bug-fixes, the most significant changes to the newest version of Q-F&I Online are related to inventory management, the most noticeable being the addition of a VIN decoder. "It's a time-saver we're happy to include, according to Mike Martin", Quantech General Manager, "users can pull in valuable information about the car or truck without having to type it themselves".

new vin decoder screenshot

Quantech has also strengthened inventory reporting in version 1.2.9 with a new Cost Report. "We are seeing more and more dealerships using Q-F&I to manage their inventory," Martin, "it's always been easy to enter costs related to a unit in Q-F&I, now it is just as easy to manage them ". Other inventory features already included in Q-F&I Online are feature sheets, printable price and inventory lists as well as the ability to easily categorize inventory by Type, Model Code, or Status. Users can view or enter inventory units from virtually any PC or handheld device.

ABOUT QUANTECH SOFTWARE Quantech Software is a leading developer of F&I, CRM, and lead management (ILM) systems for Auto, RV and PowerSport dealerships. Founded in 1998 by Jack Pyck, a successful business manager, Quantech is known for products that are attuned to the needs of dealerships at the point of interacting with customers. Contact: Mike Martin, GM Phone: 1-877-611-0622 E-mail: Website:

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