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Q-F&I Online 1.2.3 Released

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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada - April 8, 2014 -- Quantech today released version 1.2.3 of Q-F&I Online, a web-based F&I solution for Automotive, RV, PowerSport, and marine dealerships.

F&I software developer Quantech has just released Q-F&I Online 1.2.3. The update contains minor bug fixes, improves functionality and adds new features.

Q-F&I Online main worksheet

In addition to fixing all known bugs since Q-F&I Online was released in late 2013, the most notable addition is a change to the main worksheet screen. Virtually all deal editing can now be done on one screen. “We have built our reputation on developing Canada’s easiest to use F&I software. It’s amazing how such a small interface change can have such a profound effect”, according to Mike Martin, Quantech General Manager, “screen hopping has almost been eliminated”.

The F&I selling tools have been improved in version 1.2.3. “We are often told that finance managers who use Q-F&I tend to sell more F&I products. We have moved the Amount Display button from the insurances screen to the main worksheet screen so business managers can easily provide customers with the most granular price of every F&I product they sell. We have also made slight improvements to the Quick Quote, a feature many Q-F&I users call their “go to” tool.” Martin.

Another notable improvement is the addition of inventory and contacts importing tools.

Quantech is focusing Q-F&I Online development efforts on Dealership Management System (DMS) integrations. “Our integration with the Dealertrack DMS is progressing well. Other’s are in the works”, Martin.

ABOUT QUANTECH SOFTWARE Quantech Software is a leading developer of F&I, CRM, and lead management (ILM) systems for Auto, RV and PowerSport dealerships. Founded in 1998 by Jack Pyck, a successful business manager, Quantech is known for products that are attuned to the needs of dealerships at the point of interacting with customers. Contact: Mike Martin, GM Phone: 1-877-611-0622 E-mail: Website:

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