BlogQ-F&I O/L - New Dealertrack Integration, ON Garage Registery

Q-F&I O/L - New Dealertrack Integration, ON Garage Registery

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New Q-F&I Online Features Make Dealertrack Integration Easier AND Provide Ontario Users With Mandatory Garage Registry

Quantech programmers are continualy adding new features to Q-F&I Online that save time and help dealerships sell more. Relocating our Dealertrack Integration to the Deal screen makes the tool more accessible and reduces mouse clicks. The addition of the Ontario Garage Registry report to Q-F&I Online streamlines an arduous task required by every dealership in Ontario.

New Dealertrack Integration

We have made sending finance deals to the Dealertrack Finance portal even easier! If you look at the Q-F&I deal screen you'll see a new buttton. The updated send doesn't require Q-Print and can be done by any Q-F&I Online user. Sending deal information from the deal (not Q-Print) reduces the number of mouse clicks by five (compared to the old way) and the actual send process is faster too! If you don't see the new Dealertrack send button on your deal screen call us and we'll make it active on your system.

Dealertrack Deal Integration

Sending a deal to Dealertrack is easy!

  1. Prepare the Deal: enter the required Buyer information in Q-F&I Online's contact record as well as the correct VIN. You will need to select a Bank, Interest Rate, Term, Amortization, and frequency of payment to send the deal. Add any F&I items (insurances, warranties, protection packages, etc) to the deal.
  2. Click the send deal to Dealertrack button (located on the bottom left corner of the deal). Once sent, you will get a message saying the deal was accepted by Dealertrack.
  3. Open the deal in Dealertrack. The Quantech deal comes in to Dealertrack as a No Lender deal and can be found in Dealertrack's Status tab.
  4. Do your credit checks, and add a deal funder. Once you have attached a funder to the deal Dealertrack will create a worksheet. Print your Dealertrack bank forms.
  5. Make changes to the Quantech deal based on the Dealertrack worksheet. Print your Quantech Disclosure, F&I products, and Bill of Sale.

Call Quantech at 877-611-0622 if you would like us to add the Dealertrack button to your deal screen or if you need a hand using it.

Ontario Garage Register

For many years Ontario dealerships have been required by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to record all vehicles purchased and sold in a book called the Garage Register. The Garage Register is provided free of charge (paper form only) by the MTO as well as the UCDA. Thankfully, since 2006 the MTO has allowed dealerships to record the information in an electronic format using computers.

Dealerships located in Ontario that are using Q-F&I Online can now enter information required in the Registry directly into Q-F&I Online and when needed output it in electronic format.

Entering Register Information in Q-F&I Online

Creating the Register is very straight forward. Buyer Information is pulled from the Deal; Unit details like Year/Make/Model and KM's come from the Unit file in Inventory. Seller and Usage information is also entered in the Unit file.

Garage Registry

Creating the Register Report

  1. From the Inventory Tab, click Reports; then select Garage Register.
  2. Set a Stock Date Range for the report - you will now be able to see the data that will appear in the report.
  3. Click CSV Export (which creates a spreadsheet file that can be opened in Excel).
  4. Review and format the data in Excel and then print it.

Call Quantech at 877-611-0622 if you need assistance creating the Garage Registry report.

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