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Q-F&I Completes DealerSocket Integration

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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada - March 13, 2015 -- Quantech Software today announced that it has completed the online integration between Q-F&I Online, and DealerSocket, North America’s leading CRM and Lead Management solution for automotive dealerships

“The challenge for smaller franchise dealerships and used auto dealers is to integrate the automobile sales/marketing process on the sales floor with the F&I sales process that happens in the business office,” said Mike Martin, Quantech’s GM. “DealerSocket has perfected the art of helping dealerships build relationships with customers and bringing them in to buy a vehicle. Once the deal passes to the business office, Quantech’s Q-F&I software helps the business manager to offer flexible financing and insurance/warranty packages to the customer.” Mr. Martin also noted: “Smaller dealerships also have challenges following up with customers who have purchased vehicles. Turning one-time customers into ‘lifetime customers’ is a key to success in any dealership. Our integration with DealerSocket allows almost effortless post sales follow-ups."

“We are tremendously excited to be integrated with Quantech’s online F&I product,” said Sam Rizek, Director of Sales & Business Development for DealerSocket Canada. “We can now send lead information from DealerSocket to the business office, so the business manager can price out the F&I package for the vehicle-buyer. Quantech’s product also sends information on sold units and inventory back to DealerSocket, which helps the sales people and service department with post-sale service.”

ABOUT QUANTECH SOFTWARE Quantech Software is a leading developer of F&I software for RV and auto dealerships. Founded in 1998 by Jack Pyck, an experienced and successful RV business manager, Quantech is known for products that are tuned to the needs of salespeople and business managers at the point of interaction with their customers. See for more details.

ABOUT CANADA DEALERSOCKET, INC. Canada DealerSocket, Inc., is a proactive automotive software developer that provides best-in-class CRM and Lead Management technology and innovation for any size dealership or automotive group. See for more details.

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