BlogNews Release: Q-F&I Online Integration with Peartree DMS

News Release: Q-F&I Online Integration with Peartree DMS

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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada - February 27, 2015 -- Quantech today announced that it has completed the online integration between Q-F&I Online, Quantech’s premiere Finance & Insurance package for auto, marine, and RV dealerships, and Peartree DMS, a leading Dealership Management Software solution.

“Our Q-F&I product has been integrated with Peartree DMS since 2006 on the Windows platform; this new integration connects the online version of Q-F&I with Peartree,” said Mike Martin, Quantech’s GM. “Since we released Q-F&I Online in 2014, existing Windows users have been migrating to the online platform to take advantage of the powerful new capabilities. Now we can offer the same benefits to customers presently using Peartree DMS.”

“Auto, marine, and RV dealerships presently using the Peartree DMS platform benefited from Peartree’s decision to use Quantech’s specialized software for F&I transactions,” said Roy Clarke, CEO of Blue Skies Business Solutions. “Our clients love the Quantech Q-F&I package because it is easy to use and is designed to help business managers offer purchasers very flexible financing options, insurances, and other F&I options on the fly. For those dealers currently using Peartree DMS, this new integration means that they can move their F&I business online as well.”

ABOUT QUANTECH SOFTWARE Quantech Software is a leading developer of F&I software for RV and auto dealerships. Founded in 1998 by Jack Pyck, an experienced and successful RV business manager, Quantech is known for products that are tuned to the needs of salespeople and business managers at the point of interaction with their customers. See for more details.

ABOUT BLUE SKIES BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Blue Skies Business Solutions is a one-stop provider and partner to SME's, offering consulting services and solutions, including the Peartree DMS, a feature rich, modular, integrated solution servicing the needs of dealerships, distributors, and retailers across North America. See for more details.

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