BlogNew Whitepaper: Implementing ILM / CRM Should Not Effect Processes

New Whitepaper: Implementing ILM / CRM Should Not Effect Processes

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New Whitepaper: Best Sales Practices Don't need to Change When Lead Management Software Replaces Manual Systems.

This whitepaper was written for dealership staff that hold the belief that process change is required when software replaces manual systems.

It’s a fact. Lots of dealerships still use manual systems with little or no software to manage the sales process; and many of them are very successful. There seems to be a perception that changing from a manual system to lead management software will change the process. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Let me use the analogy of a home builder. Hammers, saws and AC powered drills have been replaced with air-guns and cordless tools because they save time. While the tools are different, the home building process is the same. Good lead management software shouldn’t change the steps in managing leads and sales staff, just the tools that are used!

I recently hired a sales person from a top selling franchise auto dealership that used a paper-based sales methodology used by dealerships all over North America. They used log books combined with a lot of hands-on sales management. Read on to get a sense of how much time and manpower it required to make this system work.

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