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New Reports in Q-F&I Online

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Updated Reporting in Q-F&I Online Provides More Information to Key Dealer Staff.

Quantech has made subtle but meaningful changes to the following reports: Deal Stats, F&I Reserve, Net Profit, and Sales Recap. With the exception of Deal Stats which is accessible from the Deal itself, all of the reports are accessible from the Deals tab in Q-F&I Online.

The Deal Stats report has been updated to reflect the present needs of dealerships using Quantech software. Several labels in the report have been changed so users can view gross and net profit figures of the front and back end of the deal. A Total Profit calculation is also shown in the report.

The F&I Reserve report has an updated Summary report. As shown in the following sample, the report shows totals and averages for the front and back end based on the time frame entered in the report criteria. Many customers tell us this is the most valuable report in Q-F&I Online!

The Net Profit report has also been expanded. It now shows the "Gross" and "Net" figures of both the front end and finance office. It also shows the Total Net.

If all you want is the information and don't want to go to the trouble of printing the Net Profit report, clicking on the "Totals" button will show just the numbers (Net Profit Totals)!

A new column (F&I Gross) has been added to the Sales Recap report.

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