BlogMulti-Deal Scenario Support and Insurance Truncation Increases Q-Menus Flexibility

Multi-Deal Scenario Support and Insurance Truncation Increases Q-Menus Flexibility

QMenus Latest Update Increases Flexibility: Multi-scenario support and insurance truncation.

Support for multi-payment deal calculations make it possible for each menu group to calculate and display various
terms, payment frequencies and interest from the menu presentation screen. "Showing different payment terms on the
same menu was high on our feature request list," according to Mike Martin, Quantech President, "The feature allows us
to build menu templates that weren't previously possible, specifically menus that are setup for payment shoppers."
Most menus take a set of deal parameters and apply it to the entire menu; groups flow left to right with each menu
group displaying fewer and fewer products. Given payment buyers are mainly focused on the payment this type of menu
isn't particularly well suited to that type of customer. Templates can be built with each menu group containing the same
products each with a different term; clearly putting the buyers focus on the payment. "We view this as a game-changer",
Martin," as soon as the business manager senses the customer is payment focused they can pull up a better suited
The other feature included in Quantech's latest release, insurance truncation, makes it possible for business managers
to adopt a common practise with price and payment conscious buyers; reducing the length of credit insurance coverage
(truncation). Each menu group can be truncated separately.
The update containing both features will be provided to all Q-Menus customers free of charge.

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