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Inventory Lists

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Inventory Lists

Did you know you can print your inventory lists on your ink jet or laser jet printer?

Here’s how…

STEP ONE - Click on “Inventory” tab from the

home page. Of course you have to have entered your inventory for this

to work. Let us know if you want to learn how to do this (if you aren’t

already) and we will help you.

STEP TWO - Click the “Unit Reports” button (top left corner) to bring up report options.

STEP THREE - Using the drop down lists in

“Step One” you can specify search by narrowing criteria. For example

choose STATUS – “In Stock” and TYPE – “New” to list the entire new,

in-stock inventory. Choose only the STATUS – “In Stock” to get a list

of all new and used inventory.

STEP FOUR - Once you have chosen your

criteria, click on the “Inventory List” button to get a list of

inventory with retail prices. This is a great list to give to the sales

staff that they can easily refer to.


Once you have chosen your criteria, click on

the “Price List” button to get a more detailed list of inventory

including retail price, invoice cost and the number of days each unit

has been on the lot. Now, click on the column heading “Days” and the

program will sort the order so you can see at a glance the oldest

pieces at the top of the list. Click the print button to print reports

on your Laser or ink-jet printers.

Extra Information:

Go ahead and click on the other column

headings. V6 allows you to sort by virtually every column in the

program. Try this in your deals database and your customer database to

see what happens. Don’t worry, you won’t break anything. The system

will default back to the original order the next time you open the


If you require more detailed “Custom

Reports” let us know what you need and we will show you how to do it…

if it can be done.

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