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Insurance Remittance Report

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Insurance Remittance Report

Are you still manually preparing your insurance remittances? You don’t have to. Quantech F&I allows you to automatically print your insurance remittance reports. Here’s how….

Make sure you have your default insurance allowance set for your most common allowance. The default is found on your “Home” page under “Insurance Defaults” in the bottom right hand corner.

If you need to deviate from your default setting, you can do this right in the deal page while you are in edit mode. Click on the blue arrow to the right of “Insurances” in the insurance options area. At the top left corner you have the default allowance displayed. This can be manually changed to reflect the correct allowance.

To create your Insurance Remittance report, go to reports under the “Deals” tab (Reports is top right corner).

STEP TWO- Under “Status”, choose “delivered” deals.

STEP THREE- Choose insurance company in drop down list under “Insurance Remit” button. And now click on the “Insurance Remit” button. Your printer window will come up so you can choose which printer to send the report to.

Make sure you are checking your “Deal Stats” for accuracy on every deal to ensure correct reports at the end of the month.

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