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Flag Your Deals

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Flag Your Reports

Did you know you can flag your notes in the deal screen?

STEP ONE- Click on “Notes” tab in the active deal screen. Enter desired text.

STEP TWO- Click the “Back” button

STEP THREE- Your “Notes” button has

automatically been “flagged” to identify there is important (or

trivial) information attached to the deal

STEP FOUR- To delete note, click “Notes” and

click the “clear notes” button. This will clear all notes and remove

the flag. If you would prefer to remove only partial notes, treat the

text like you would a word document and add or delete text as desired.

Remember- There is no “undo” button so make

sure that you are only deleting text that you will not have to

retrieve. You also do not have to put the deal in “Edit” mode in order

to view and/or edit notes.

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