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Export Customer Data

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Export Customer Data

Did you know you are able to export your customer data into text files that you can analyze? Here's how...

Step #1 - From the Home page, Click on "Contacts" Tab".

Step #2 - To export all contacts - Click on "List Contacts" button (bottom right corner) then go directly to Step #5.

Step #2a - To export some contacts - Click on "Contact Reports" button (top left corner).

Step #3 - Choose the time frame of the delivered deals using the pop up calendar under "SELECT DATE RANGE"

Step #3a - Click on "Set Date Range" Button, being sure to click on the Month, Year, and Day for the beginning and end dates of the export.

Step #4 - Under "Select Report" and click on "Buyers". This will give you a list of all the buyers in the time frame you selected earlier Note: there are three other reports you can also select.

Step #5 - With your list of buyers showing on the screen - Click on the "Export" button (bottom left corner). This will bring up a window screen prompting you to name the file (i.e. Customers2006) and save it to your desired hard drive or network folder.

Step #6 - This will bring up another window titled "Specify Field Order For Export". To select the fields you want to export, click on each of the fields (i.e. city) on the left side of the screen and Click the ">>Move>>" button. To select all fields Click on the "Move All" button. To remove a field from the right hand column, double click on it. Be sure to set Character Set to Windows.

Step #7 - Click the "Export" button. The window will disappear and you can find the exported document in the folder you saved it to in Step #5. This file can be opened and viewed in Excel where you will be able to analyze the data.

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