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Enhancements to online CRM system

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Quantech adds further enhancements to its affordable online showroom management / CRM system.

Westbank BC, - - Based on customer feedback, Quantech adds more workflow tools to GPS-2.0

Less than 60 days after releasing Q-GPS 2.0, Quantech adds three powerful enhancements to its CRM/Lead Management software including; streamlined opportunity search, dynamic report messaging, and improved sales prospect protection tools. “GPS users are telling us they love GPS 2.0”, says Mike Martin, Quantech Software General Manager, “these changes are in rapid response to their feedback on how to make it even better”.

The new opportunity entry screen shows if anyone else in the dealership is working with a sales prospect. “Disputes between sales staff over customers occur from time-to-time at our dealerships; this tool will minimize the chance of that occurring”, says Robert McCallum, IT Manager for Saturn of Regina and Mercedes Benz of Regina.

Modifications have also been made to GPS filtering tools, reducing the time required to do sales opportunity searches. “Managers want speed and flexibility when analyzing sales progress, whether it be by sales stage or sales person”, says Martin, “this enhancement allows a sales manager to spend less time searching and more time managing”.

The new “Alert” function in GPS automatically notifies management when specific actions occur. “We’re really excited about the potential of this new feature”, explains Martin, “for example, manager’s can setup GPS to email their Blackberry whenever a car is sold, or a trade is entered, providing more information and control for managers wanting up-to-the minute access to what’s going on”.

Quantech has been working hard since GPS 2.0 was released in September to add even more functionality to the product. “Sales staff and managers alike are going to find these new features really helpful in their daily activities”, according to McCallum, “Managers are going to have up-to-the minute information at their finger tips, regardless of where they are. Sales staff will love how easy it is to tell when someone else in the dealership is working with a prospect.”

Present GPS customers will be contacted and upgraded to 2.0 at no cost.

About Quantech is a privately held company and developer of the powerful dealer management tools, Q-F&I, Q-Menus and Q-GPS, used by hundreds of North American Auto, RV, Marine and Powersport dealers. Founded in 1998, Quantech Inc. is located in British Columbia, Canada.

For more information on Quantech Software contact Mike Martin. at 877-611-0622 OR go to

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