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Dealertrack Deals Export

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Export Dealertrack Worksheets to Q-F&I Online!

Sending Deals from Dealertrack to Q-F&I Online saves time and reduces balancing problems, and it's easy as well!

Getting Ready to Export

  • To take advantage of the Dealertrack export feature you must be using Q-F&I Online. If you are still using the previous Windows version of Q-F&I or V6 call Quantech 1-877-611-0622 to upgrade.
  • If you are a current Q-F&I Online user, call Quantech at 1-877-611-0622 to turn this feature on.

Important Things to Know About Exporting Dealertrack Worksheets to Q-F&I

  • Make sure the tax settings in Quantech and Dealertrack are set identically. Dealertrack doesn't export tax settings (only the raw numbers) so the tax settings in Quantech and Dealertrack must match.
  • To prevent duplicate entries always enter the Q-F&I stock # in the Dealertrack worksheet. Q-F&I will do it's best to match the unit in the Dealertrack worksheet with an existing Q-F&I unit.
  • If the VIN you have entered is unique (to Q-F&I) a new unit will be created when you export the deal.
  • Q-F&I will do it's best to match the contact in Dealertrack with an existing Q-F&I contact (based on the first and last name, and the address).
  • Q-F&I Deal Defaults will be overridden by the exported Dealertrack worksheet.
  • Dealertrack worksheets (from deals started in Dealertrack) can be exported multiple times. NOTE: they will create a new Pending Q-F&I deal each time.
  • A Q-F&I deal can not be sent back to Dealertrack if it started as an exported Dealertrack deal.
  • Q-F&I will do it's best to match the Bank in the Dealertrack Worksheet to an existing bank in Q-F&I Online. If there's no match, a new bank will be created. Note: Only the bank name and abbreviation is exported to Q-F&I.

Steps for Exporting a Dealertrack Worksheet to Q-F&I

  1. Prepare your deal in Dealertrack. Note: To export a worksheet to Q-F&I, the deal must contain a Buyer and a Unit. We recommend not including F&I add-on products except extended warranties when exporting.
  2. From the Dealertrack Worksheet, click the Export button. When it's done exporting you will see a dialogue box with the following message: Application has been sent to provider(s). Click OK.
    Dealertrack export 1
  3. Open Q-F&I Online.
  4. Go to the Deals (Pending) folder. Select Dtrack as the B.M. in the Filters area and click Find. The exported deal should show on the list.
    Dealertrack Export 2

  5. Open the Q-F&I pending deal and reassign the deal to yourself.
    Dealertrack Export 3

  6. Compare the Quantech and Dealertrack payment calculations. If the Taxes and the Balance due to Finance are the same in both deals and the payment is within a few cents the difference is most likely due to rounding. NOTE: if the deal is a bi-weekly deal, the taxes and total amount to finance are the same AND the payment it out by more than a few pennies try changing the calculation method in the Q-F&I Online bank setup from Simple to Periodic or Visa Versa. If you're not sure call Quantech 877-611-0622.
  7. Add your other F&I products to the Q-F&I deal.
  8. Go back to the Dealertrack worksheet and add the F&I products to the worksheet. Check to make sure the payment calculations in Quantech and Dealertrack match.
  9. You should now be ready to print your bank documents from Dealertrack and your Bill of Sale from Q-F&I (Q-Print).

Tips for Balancing Q-F&I Online and Dealertrack Deals

  1. Due to the different ways it's possible to calculate non-monthly payments, it's easier to diagnose problems in deals with monthly payments. If the deal is a non-monthly payment try changing it to monthly payments.
  2. Is the Total Amount Financed in Dealertrack the same as the Balance Due to Finance in Q-F&I?
  3. Are the tax amounts the same in Dealertrack and Q-F&I? If the calculations from 1 & 2 are the same and the payment is within a few pennies the difference is likely due to a rounding issue specific to that bank's calculation. If the difference is significant, it may be possible to change the bank calculation type for the specific bank from Simple to Periodic or visa versa.
  4. If the calculations from 1 & 2 are different, you will find it easier to determine where the discrepancy is by printing the Q-F&I Disclosure and the Dealertrack Worksheet. HINT: If the Q-F&I payment is significantly lower it's likely a fee or product entered in the Dealertrack worksheet wasn't exported to Q-F&I.
  5. Check to see if the date of the first payment is the same in both programs.
  6. Are the taxes being applied the same way?
  7. Call Quantech if you have done the previous steps and can't determine why the deals don't balance. We will do our best to help you.

Matching Fields Between Q-F&I and Dealertrack

Unlike Q-F&I Online, there are limited fields in Dealertrack for entering aftermarket F&I products like GAP, Pro-packs, and Tire & Wheel. Therefore, special care must be taken when entering these aftermarket products in Dealertrack before exporting them to Q-F&I.

  • IMPORTANT - any figures entered in the Fees area of the Dealertrack worksheet will be exported to Q-F&I. They will appear in Other Fees area in Q-F&I (Settings). NOTE: Entries in the Other Fees area of Quantech are cost-based only, they aren't included in the profit calculation. If the Dealertrack Fees entry is a another F&I product (Propack, GAP, Tire & Wheel, etc), and it's commissionable, remove it from the Other Fees section of Q-F&I Online and manually enter it in the correct field in the Q-F&I Deal.
  • Fees - Other Taxable does not export to Q-F&I.
  • Fees - Rebates does not export to Q-F&I.
  • Replacement Warranty does not export to Q-F&I.

Call Quantech at 877-611-0622 if you would like more information or assistance exporting Dealertrack worksheets to Q-F&I Online.

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