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Creating Commissions Reports

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Creating Commissions Reports

This month we are going to show you how to track and create commissions

reports for your F&I sales. You can use Quantech F&I to create

specific reports for individuals or for the entire department. These

reports can be used for your weekly sales meeting, monthly statistical

reports or even annual departmental reports.

Here’s how…

STEP ONE- Make sure your insurance allowance

default is set to the appropriate percentage under “Insurance

Defaults” on your home page.

STEP TWO- When you create a new deal, ensure

the Business Manager is identified in the “Business Manager” field. If

you want to add a new name, click on the drop down arrow and click

“edit” option. Use Enter key on the letter pad (not the enter key on

the number pad) to enter the new name. Click Okay.

STEP THREE- Complete your deal as usual. Save the deal.

STEP FOUR- Click on the “Deal Stats” tab to

confirm accuracy of deal and enter the appropriate commission

percentage or flat for the F&I portion of the deal. This step is

very important as the accuracy of the report is dependent on this

information being entered into every deal.

STEP FIVE- Click on the “Reports” tab in the “Deals” database.

STEP SIX- (Under “STEP 1 SELECT DATE RANGE”) Enter desired date range.


BY”) Click on drop down list for “Deal Status” and choose “Delivered”.

If creating a report for an individual, click on drop down list for

“Business Manager” and choose the appropriate name. If creating a

report for the entire department to include all business managers,

leave the field empty.


Click on F&I Reserve button. A report will appear that breaks down

every delivered deal during the selected time range that you can print

on a normal laser or ink jet printer by clicking on the “print” button

at the bottom of the page. Click on the “Show Summary” button to tally

and summarize information. Click the “print” button to print this


There you have it! You can now track and report on your own F&I commissions.

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