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Close The Deal With Quantech Q-F&I

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Finance managers at Yamaha dealerships used to have all the time in the world to present payment and F&I options to their buyers. Not anymore! The attitude of “it takes as long as it takes” (to present F&I products) doesn’t work with buyers that are used to having quick access to information via their smartphone; these plugged-in buyers have no interest in spending an hour or more “in the box” getting an F&I sales pitch. These days, if the finance manager doesn’t want to risk driving the customer out the door, their sales presentation needs to be less than ten minutes. This is not achievable when the Javelin Dealer Portal (JDP) and CDK Lightspeed are the business manager’s only tools because all buyer, unit, and deal information must be entered separately in each tool. Fortunately, Canadian Yamaha dealerships using Lightspeed and JDP can eliminate this stumbling block when they add Quantech Q-F&I to their tool list.

Quantech (Q-F&I) integrates directly with the Lightspeed DMS as well as Yamaha Motor Finance Canada (through JDP). The integration pulls primary information from Lightspeed into Quantech, which then feeds bi-directionally into JDP and the Yamaha/Safe-Guard line of F&I products. Quantech also integrates with IA Dealer Services, First Canadian Insurance, and the DealerTrack finance portal for added convenience.

All deals start on the dealership’s sales floor, where the selling price with or without trade is determined. Dealer staff, usually the salesperson, enters buyer and other key deal information into the Lightspeed DMS. Prior to using the integration, an extensive field-to-field mapping process is undertaken to ensure the Lightspeed data feeds into its corresponding Quantech field. Upon completion of the setup, the Lightspeed deal can be imported directly into the Quantech system using the Lightspeed deal number and (Q-F&I’s) Import Deal tool. A Q-F&I pending deal is automatically generated.

Using Quantech’s hub approach (where the Quantech worksheet is the cornerstone of the F&I process), the business manager can easily add or subtract any number of F&I products (Insurance, Warranty, GAP, etc.) to the deal, present to the buyer or export to Yamaha Motor Finance. An optional menu is available for dealerships that use an F&I menu selling process. Once in JDP, the Yamaha/Safeguard product mix is confirmed, and the loan details are finalized. The Quantech worksheet can be updated with any changes using the Update from JDP button. The integration between Quantech and JDP is so tight virtually everything in the JDP worksheet feeds into its corresponding field in Quantech. Matching between deals is almost always to the penny.

To prepare for delivery, the business manager or bookkeeper will manually update the Lightspeed deal with the final deal information from Quantech. All Yamaha Motor Finance and Safe-Guard agreements are printed from JDP. Bills of sale and other documents can be printed from Quantech or Lightspeed.

The main advantages of adding Quantech to Lightspeed/JDP systems are speed, flexibility, and accuracy. The time saved using the integrations combined with the flexibility of the Quantech worksheet makes it easier to present finance options to a customer resulting in increased F&I penetration. It’s simple; make it easier to sell something and more of it will get sold!

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