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Clearing Cache for Faster Printing

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Instructions on Clearing Browser Cache in Popular Web Browsers

Print enhancements in Q-F&I Online significantly decrease print times. To realize them you need to clear your browser cache first!

Quantech has released enhancements to Q-F&I Online software that will significantly reduce menu printing times. NOTE: Your WEB Browser Cache must be cleared to take advantage of this enhancement. The following links and screenshots provide guidance on how to clear your cache for popular web browsers.

NOTE: Clearing your cache will also erase any saved passwords in your browser.

For further assistance call Quantech @ 877-611-0622.

Internet Explorer

1) After opening Internet Explorer, select Internet Options from the Settings icon (blue sprocket) located on the upper far right corner of the screen.

IE 1

2) Click on the Delete button.

IE 2

3) After putting check marks beside the Cache items you want to delete (Temporary Internet Files and Website Files, and Cookies and Website Data) Click on the Delete button.

clearing cache


1) After opening Firefox, select Options from the Settings tab (located in the upper far right corner of your screen.

Firefox 1

2) From the Options window, select Advanced, followed by Network.

Firefox 2

3) Click "Clear Now" button beside Cached Web Content. Note: You may need to click the button multiple times; you want the Content Cache to be at 0 MB.

FireFox 3

Google Chrome

At this time Quantech does not support document printing from Google Chrome.

Call Quantech at 877-611-0622 if you need a hand with this.

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