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Calendar Printouts

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Calendar Printouts

Have you considered using the QuantechV6 Calendar feature to assist in setting up deliveries? Here’s how…

STEP ONE- Click on “Calendar” tab

STEP TWO- Click on date (top left corner of

calendar choose month, year and day) you would like to set up desired

time for delivery. Under delivery time line, enter pertinent

information for delivery ie: customer name, stock number and required

preparation. Do this for all scheduled deliveries.

STEP THREE- Determine how much time you need

to prepare for delivery. Choose the day you are preparing for on the

calendar and click on the “print” button for that page.

STEP FOUR- Choose the desired printer to send print job to (likely your laser or ink jet printer)

You can now submit the list to your delivery

department (or put it in your “in box” if that also you).

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