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Back Up Your Data

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Back Up Your Data

Step #1 - From the Quantech Home Page, click on the “Backup” button (located in the lower right hand side of the screen). A screen will appear instructing you that this backup utility is for use with Host machines or Single User machines. To do an immediate backup of your files Click “Do Backup”. You are creating a backup of your files in your “program files” directory on your computers hard drive.

Step #2 – In the Quantech backup window, you will be given the option to choose the backup frequency. This allows you to set the number of days between backups. When it is time to do a backup based on the frequency you have chosen you will receive a message telling you it is time to do a backup.

For absolute security, you may want to copy your “backup” folder to a CD. If your hard drive should crash, you will need to have a back up CD to retrieve all your stored data. A good rule of thumb for backup frequency is… you should backup relative to the amount of information you are prepared to lose. For instance, if you backup every Friday afternoon and your system crashes on Thursday night, you will have to re-enter all the data entered since the previous Friday afternoon backup. If you backup daily… LUCKY YOU!! You have probably experienced a hard drive crash AND LOST EVERYTHING at some point, haven’t you? Yes… me too. Bummer!

Step #3 To backup to a CD or USB device… Do the back up in QuantechV6 first. Next insert the writeable CD or USB device into your CD or USB drive. Your backups folder should be located in the following location on your C drive:

C:\Program files\Quantech\QuantechV6\Backups

DO NOT CUT, DELETE OR MOVE THE BACKUPS FOLDER FROM ITS DIRECTORY . Right click on the backups folder in the C:\Program files\Quantech\QuantechV6\Backups directory and select copy. Next for a R-CD use the “write to CD” command within your window onto the CD drive. Or for a USB device, right click on the USB drive and select paste.

Every operating system and CD writing software is slightly different but you should be able to find a “write to CD” command within your window. If you’re having difficulty call us at 1-877-611-0622 to help you get familiar with a doing a backup.

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