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Attaching Files to Q-F&I Online

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Attach Files to Q-F&I Inventory Items

Easily attach accident reports or other files to any unit in Q-F&I Online. Not only does it save paper, it makes important documents readily accessible to anyone in the dealership that needs access.

Attaching Files to Inventory Units.

1) On the Unit Details screen (starting from the Inventory tab), Click the "Additional Info" button (a screen titled, "Unit-Additional Info" will appear.

Attaching files to Q-F&I Online 1

2) Click the Upload button, and Browse to the file you want to upload and click the "Open" button. Note: there is a 5MB file size limit.

Attaching files to Q-F&I Online 3

3) Click the file in the Attached Files area to view.

Attaching files to Q-F&I Online 4

Call Quantech at 877-611-0622 if you would like more information or assistance attaching files to Q-F&I Online.

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