BlogAdding External Links to Q-Menus Online Presentations

Adding External Links to Q-Menus Online Presentations

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New Q-Menus Online Features...Linking to External Movies & Webpages; Easier Item Selection While In A Menu

Add Value and Content to Your Menu by Linking to External Web-Pages!

You can add a link to any web-page including Youtube movies, from the Items Templates tab.

To Setup The Link.

1) Copy the address of the external link you want to link to.
2) From the Items Templates tab, click on the item in Q-Menus Online you want to link from.
3) Paste the external link you copied earlier into the URL area. Test the URL by clicking on Open URL.
4) To use the link in a presentation just click on the item description.

Using the links in a menu presentation is simple; from the presentation screen, click anywhere in the description area..

Improved Item Selection Tools

The amount of F&I products being sold in the finance office is increasing all the time. It's not uncommon to see lists of items well over 50 in Q-Menus. We have made it easier to add items to your menu groups by making it possible to view and select items by their type.

As shown in the following example, selecting "Warranty" fronm the drop down list of types displays the list of warranty items entered in Q-Menus.

As always, if you need help with either of these Q-Menus Online features, please call our technical support line: 877-611-0622.

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