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Q-F&I Online - New Product Pref Tools

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Our newest Q-F&I Online update extends the functionality of how F&I products are dealt with and makes it easy to provide options to a customer.

For products like GAP or Tire &Wheel that offer different pricing based on the amount of coverage, users can add the most commonly sold products into Q-F&I's Product Prefs. In the following screen shot, several Etching, GAP, Maintenance, ProPack, Tire & Wheel, and Warranties have been entered in the system. This process is very quick and easy to do.

When a user is finished entering the most commonly sold F&I products in the system they can be used as defaults or added to a deal. The following screen shot shows a selection of F&I products that have been added to the deal defaults.

Once in the deal, the user can add or remove F&I products from a drop-down list of items.

Call Quantech at 877-611-0622 if you need assistance entering products, setting defaults or working in deals.

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