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Quantech Software Releases Q-Menus Online 2.0

Menu Selling, ILM/CRM software developer Quantech has just released Q-Menus Online 2.0. The newest version of Quantech’s online menu selling software simplifies usage and increases functionality to one of Canada’s most well-known menu software programs.

New Q-Menus Online features make it easier to present menu and payment options to customers. “F&I managers told us they wanted to present different payment options to a customer from the presentation screen”, according to Mike Martin, General Manager Quantech Software.

The new live edit feature makes it easy to change most deal attributes at anytime in the menu presentation, without having to leave the presentation screen.

“It’s way easier to get around payment objections when alternative payment options can be presented quickly –finance managers can increase the term and/or switch to a bi-weekly payment the moment they sense any pushback”, Martin. Live edit also makes using the menu on an iPad easier. “Because it’s all done on the same screen, business managers can use their iPad to present a menu if they want”.

QTracker is another new feature in Q-Menus Online 2.0. “The QTracker tool is used to log menu and payment options that have been presented to a customer. More importantly, finance managers can use it to present multiple payment options for comparison purposes”, explains Martin. The tool allows storage for an unlimited number of menu and payment options, all in one place.

Quantech has been developing menu solutions since 2005 with the release of F&I Booster. “We’ve made many changes to our menu software over the years”, explains Martin, “the biggest came in 2007 with our first Q-Menus release. That made The menu in 60 seconds! possible. The release of our online version several years ago was also big. Q-Menus Online 2.0 is the best ever”.

About is a privately held company and developer of the powerful dealer management tools, Q-Menus Online, Q-GPS, Q-F&I, and Q-App used by thousands of Auto, RV, Marine and Powersports; sales staff, business managers, and management. Founded in 1998, Quantech Inc. is located in British Columbia, Canada.

For more information contact Mike Martin at 877-611-0622 OR go to

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