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Pharr RV Q-GPS & Q-App Case Study

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Q&A with Mike Hymer, Dealer Principal of Pharr RV's in Lubbock, TX.

Pharr RV has been a Quantech customer for just over a year. They beta-tested our ILM/CRM solution as well as Q-App.

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Q: Why did Pharr RV decide to purchase a Lead Management System?

We had heard that a company was going to offer a sales lead management system that was integrated with our dealership management software, which is DealerVu. That’s really what got our interest going, as we wanted something that was tied into our DMS. Our sales guys were doing things manually and each salesperson had their own tracking system, but the manager could not see their activities, so we wanted a system where we could track everything. The tie-in with DealerVu was important because this meant the Lead Management System would be tied in with our inventory and our internal customer base. I had also talked with Tim Biles with Pikes Peak Travel Land and he had adopted Q-GPS before we did and gave it a good review.

Q: What itch did the software need to scratch?

The main thing was that we were tired of not knowing what was going on with the deal when a salesperson was gone on vacation or on a day off. It was very frustrating not knowing how to handle a customer if they came in and the sales guy was off that day; we had no clue what was being done with this customer. So it was out of frustration that we wanted to have an integrated system that would help us to follow up on sales leads and see what was going on.

Q: How has Q-GPS helped you?

The system has allowed us to see the daily activities of the salespeople. Also, the leads that we get over our website flow right into Q-GPS and all the data is there, so we just assign it to a salesperson and they automatically have all the information they need. Q-GPS also allows us to match trades because it tracks trade-ins that are coming into the dealership and it will match them up with customers looking for that particular type of vehicle. We get a report that says, “hey we just got in a 30 foot used 5th wheel with 2 slides, so-and-so has a customer that is looking for that particular type of vehicle”. Q-GPS also provides better information as to why we’re winning deals and why we’re losing deals, so we can make corrections on our end. If we’re not stocking a particular type of product that we’re losing deals on, then the software tells us “hey, there’s something we need to stock”, or a particular floor plan is in demand. It’s giving us much better information to help us manage the sales process in the sales department.

Q: What about integrating with other systems?

The software streamlines everything. Once data is entered in Q-GPS, and we’ve done a quote, we can hand that quote off to the finance manager. The finance manager can import the deal into DealerVu, which is our DMS, so he doesn’t have to re-input everything. In the past, the information was all written up on paper and then the finance manager had to re-enter all that data – all the customer information, their vehicle information, and so on.

Q: How’s the iPhone app working for you guys?

That was a key feature when we decided to go with Q-GPS last year, because these sales guys use their phones so much in the course of doing their jobs. Q- GPS includes an iPhone app, and we got it set up now so that as soon as that customer takes delivery of a unit, the system sends them an email thanking them for the purchase. Q-GPS has some digital marketing capabilities that are really nice as far as being able to follow up through email; it creates other avenues for contacting our customers.

Q: How difficult is it to access data in Q-GPS?

The system has been very helpful to us, and I think it will continue to help us as owners/managers to do a better job. What’s really nice about this, if a guy’s gone, is that we can go into Q-GPS and there’s the quote for that customer and all the information. We can actually look in the system and there’s a log of all the correspondence and we can see exactly what they’re quoted the customer, so it makes us look like we’re all on the same page.

Q: How do you find working with the people at Quantech?

Mike has worked extensively and directly with our sales guys to help them learn the system. They have also modified the system considerably to match up alot of the sales campaigns and sold-unit campaigns to the system we were accustomed to. So, they’ve adapted it to our dealership. They are very, very user friendly! The people in their support department are really, really nice to work with, and they are available when we call. They’ve been wonderful to work with, and if there’s something they see we’re not doing, they’ll tell us! They’ll say “hey, what’s going on here? Why are you missing these deals? Why isn’t so-and-so following up on these tasks?” So they’re coaching us a little bit too, and they’re giving us some really great training.

Thanks to Mike Hymer of Pharr RV for sharing his experience with Quantech GPS software!

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