BlogWhat You Don't Get From Any Free Finance Portal!

What You Don't Get From Any Free Finance Portal!

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16 Things Your Finance Portal Won't Do For Free!

Just about every Canadian dealership uses finance portals to find deal funders. We know that because our software integrates with them. Recently added functionality helps finance managers complete deals directly on the portals. This is great, but portals are designed to fund deals, not to make you more money selling F&I products!

Quantech Q-F&I has features you won’t find on any free online portal; features that save you time and more importantly, help you sell more F&I. We believe you get what you pay for. Here’s what you get from Quantech!

  1. Use Q-F&I on any deal type – use Q-F&I for all of your cash, finance & lease deals. By design, finance portals are setup only for finance deals.
  2. Remittance reports – use Q-F&I to produce remittance reports for all of your F&I products and providers including, taxes, insurance, warranty, and etching.
  3. Inventory Management (cost management) – manage your reconditioning costs for pre-owned units so you can calculate profit on every unit sold.
  4. Forms Printing – with Quantech, print ALL of your forms on Dot Matrix or plain paper; including Bill of Sale, PPSA, Tax Remittance, Insurance & Warranty, and any other form you need printed.
  5. Roll Payment – on finance and cash deals! In addition to doing a finance deal “roll” calculation, Q-F&I can also “roll” cash deals. No more fumbling with a calculator trying to calculate an “all-in” deal!
  6. Inventory Management (lists) – print inventory lists with or without costs for sales staff.
  7. Inventory Management (feature card) – print a feature card for every unit on the lot.
  8. Q-F&I Quick Quote – ever get interrupted when you’re in the middle of a deal by an impatient sales person? With our Quick Quote feature it’s easy to give someone a quick price without having to leave the deal you’re working in.
  9. Profit Clock – the “Profit Clock” in Q-F&I is a “hidden in plain sight” field that motivates you to sell more F&I on every deal.
  10. Lien Payout Calculator – spend more time selling and less time calculating lien payouts with our easy-to-use tool.
  11. F&I Up-sell Tool – the “up-sell” tool helps you sell more by showing the daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and total price for every F&I product in one easy-to-use table.
  12. Mail Merge Tools – get a second chance to sell extended service and pro-packs using Q-F&I’s non-buyer list and its built-in mail merge tool. Print a letter with address label for everyone in the list.
  13. Mail Merge Tools CSI – the mail merge tool makes it easy to connect with everyone that’s done business with you.
  14. Commission and net profit reports – use Q-F&I to calculate and produce, commission and net profit reports for any period.
  15. Live Answering – lost time is lost money when you need support or training. At Quantech a live person that can help always answers the phone.
  16. SELL MORE F&I – we recognize the value finance portals offer dealerships. In fact we are part of a select group of software providers that integrate with finance portals. And while finance portals are designed to help fund a deal, Quantech F&I software is designed to help you sell more F&I.

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