BlogFree Q-Menus Online Access for Business Managers

Free Q-Menus Online Access for Business Managers

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Quantech Offers Free Menu Software to Attendees of Menus Selling Courses

Business managers that take training on how to menu sell can receive access to full running versions of Q-Menus Online.

Auto, RV, PowerSports and Marine dealership software developer Quantech has announced that it will provide business managers that attend menu selling workshops a month of free access to its online menu selling software, Q-Menus Online. “Many business managers go for months without any software after they’ve been trained on menu selling ”, explained Mike Martin, General Manager Quantech Software. “By giving them something they can use right away without any cost associated to it they can prove the concept before going to their dealer principal asking for money to purchase new software.”

Quantech will provide full access to Q-Menus Online for one month. “We’re going to treat them exactly like a paying customer", explained Denise Southern, Quantech trainer. ”We’ll load their insurance rate tables, setup their menus, and train them on how to use Q-Menus Online”. At the end of the month, business managers will have the option to continue or not. “We’re hoping they’ll continue, given they’ve been trained on how to menu sell and have been able to apply what they’ve learned in the business office quickly”, said Martin."Basically, we're setting them up for success."

Training organizations that provide menu training will be encouraged to contact Quantech in advance. “The best scenario would be that we work with the training organization prior to the session so we can have everything setup for the business manager by the end of the training”, said Martin. Wye Management, a company well known for its menu selling training courses has expressed interest in offering the program to business managers that attend their menu selling training courses.

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