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Q-GPS 2.3.3 Refinements

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Quantech Software Releases Q-GPS 2.3.3 CRM / Lead Management Software

Enhancements to GPS 2.3.3 will improve sales person effectiveness, reduce disputes over customer ownership, and improve the efficient transfer of information between the sales floor and the business office.

Movie #1: Pulling GPS Opportunities into Q-F&I Software (for integrated software installations only)

Previously, a sales person had to use the Q-GPS handoff feature to push a sales opportunity to the business office. From a workflow point of view, that didn't always work. A new feature in GPS 2.3.3 makes it possible for a business manager to pull an opportunity.

Movie #2: Fewer Disputes Over Customer Ownership With Updated Opportunity Match Tool

Husbands, wives, sons and daughters are often involved in the purchase. To reduce disputes over customer ownership it's important a sales person has tools to easily tell if another sales person is working with anyone involved in the deal. That includes husbands, wifes, sons, and daughters, buyers or co-buyers. The "Find Matches" tool, for new Opportunities has been enhanced to show matches with anyone associated with a deal.

Movie #3: Improved Next Contact Tasks Stand Out More Than Ever

The Q-GPS Closed Loop System of automatically creating a Next Contact task whenever an Opportunity is made, or when one is completed, sets Q-GPS apart. A subtle, and powerful improvement to the recuring task colours the task bright red, making it virtualy impossible to miss it.

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