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Top 10 Ways Sales Prospects get wasted

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Top Ten Reasons Sales Prospects Get Wasted

It’s funny (actually it’s not) that sales staff often complain about a lack of leads while at the same time they fail to maximize the ones they have.

Here’s my top ten ways sales staff waste the leads they've got right now.

  1. Initial follow-up is not done in a timely manner.
  2. They waste time with prospects currently working with another sales person at the dealership.
  3. They don’t maximize the trade opportunity by matching what a person has to trade with what someone else wants to buy.
  4. Failure to efficiently capture key prospect information.
  5. Failure to create the next logical follow up task when the current one is completed.
  6. Spending too much time in front of a computer, and not enough in front of customers.
  7. Loosing track of “hot” prospects because they got mixed in with others not interested in buying.
  8. The sales person lost credibility with the sales prospect because of unprofessional written communications.
  9. They didn’t get sales training in areas that needed improvement.
  10. They didn’t maximize the potential of previous customers or lost opportunities.

If any of these are occurring at your dealership you may be loosing thousands in lost revenue.

The good news is Quantech's CRM/Lead Management software, can help reduce or even eliminate all of these from occurring.

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