BlogQuantech Releases Q-GPS 2.3 CRM/Lead Management Software

Quantech Releases Q-GPS 2.3 CRM/Lead Management Software

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Quantech Software Releases Q-GPS 2.3 CRM / Lead Management Software

Revamped Reporting, dealer-specific worksheet and trade appraisal forms, and auto follow-up campaigns improve workflow and productivity.

The latest enhancements to Q-GPS, Quantech’s streamline workflow for sales staff and increase value for management. Enhancements include temporary sales opportunity transfer; auto-applied follow-up campaigns; management reporting support tools, and dealer-specific sales worksheet and trade appraisal forms. “We’re constantly adding new features and making existing ones better”, explained Mike Martin, Quantech General Manager, “our goal is to make our current customers even happier by improving what they have now based on their feedback.”

Sales Opportunity transfer tool makes it easy for a sales person to transfer sales opportunities to another sales person, and back again. In less than a minute and a few mouse-clicks, a sales person that goes on vacation can transfer their opportunities to another sales person and have them waiting for them when they return to work.

Opportunity Transfer

Quantech is now loading sales worksheet and trade appraisal forms from the dealerships into Q-GPS. “We found that even though Q-GPS includes sales worksheet and trade appraisal forms in most cases, dealers wanted to use their own forms”, according to Martin. “Dealerships like the fact they can continue using their own forms”, Martin added. General customer, vehicle, and trade information fields are mapped.

Q-GPS CRM’s can be set to automatically apply a follow-up campaign to a lost sale. Whenever an opportunity is set to Lost the correct Lost campaign is automatically applied to it, creating a group of task reminders for.

In this release, Quantech has made easier for managers to get the most out of Quantech’s powerful reporting features by adding a Report Documentation button. The section has information for each report explaining how it works; a description of what it’s for; and a recommendation on how to use it.

About Quantech Inc. is a privately held company and developer of the powerful dealer management tools, Q-F&I, Q-Menus and Q-GPS, used by hundreds of North American Auto, RV, Marine and Powersport dealers. Founded in 1998, Quantech Inc. is located in British Columbia, Canada.

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