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Feature Cards

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Feature Cards

Did you know you can create your own “Feature Cards” (window stickers)

for your inventory? Refer to section 8.2.4 page 49 of your manual. If

you don’t have a manual, you can download a copy from here: Q-F&I manual

. Here’s how to create your window stickers….

STEP ONE: Click on the inventory tab and enter a new unit or open and existing unit.

STEP TWO: Click on “Feature Card” tab (located under “Home” tab). This

action automatically imports the stock information with the retail

price of unit to your Feature Card template.

STEP THREE: Either 1) manually enter the features and options you want

listed on the feature card (use the enter key to move down to the next

line) or 2) you can set up the generic “Feature Sets” and edit

accordingly. Refer to section 8.4 page 51 of your manual for “Feature

Sets” set up information.


Would you like us to incorporate your company logo into your window

sticker? How about resizing the card to accommodate your needs? Did you

know we can custom program this for no extra charge? Contact us for

your specific programming requirements and we would be happy to assist


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