Blog25 to 35 percent increases from menus

25 to 35 percent increases from menus

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Ontario Automobile Dealer Services (OADS) reports 25 to 35 percent increases in Credit Insurance sales at dealerships using Q-Menus menu selling software


Westbank BC, - In an analysis comparing credit insurance sales before and after implementing a menu selling approach using Q-Menus software, the Ontario Automobile Dealer Services (OADS) reports significant sales increases.

The report shows Credit Insurance sales increases in each of the dealerships between 25 and 35 percent. OADS did the analysis of the six-month period ending December 31 with 30 Ontario dealerships that had purchased Q-Menus. “Finally, we’ve got 3rd party Canadian data supporting what we’ve been saying all along – menu selling works”, says Mike Martin, Director of Sales and Marketing for Quantech. Chris Rawson, OADS Operations Manager adds, “These results are exactly what we were hoping for, they give dealerships that haven’t gotten on board yet a glimpse of the way things could be”.

Q-Menus is standalone software that allows business managers to present customized menus after less than 60 seconds of entry. “Customers like Q-Menus because it is extremely fast, flexible and accurate; and it balances to the penny with their Dealer Management Systems”, says Martin. Along with the software, Quantech provides web and phone-based support and training to dealers. “Quantech has done an excellent job supporting customers”, says Rawson, “they do web-based sales presentations for our reps and provide training whenever a customer needs it”.

In addition to what Quantech provides, many of the dealerships in the report received additional assistance from Wye Management and OADS. “Q-Menus isn’t a silver bullet”, states Martin, “and while we have many success stories from dealerships using only our support and training, the best implementations occur when the business managers receive additional menu selling training and support. Wye Management and OADS reps have done a great job in these areas”, adds Martin.

Rawson expects many more dealers will come on board with Q-Menus. “We see Q-Menus as an industry standard. Moving forward, we would like to see it used by all of our dealers”.

About is a privately held company and developer of the powerful finance management tools, V6 and QMenus, used by hundreds of North American Auto, RV, Marine and Powersport dealers. Founded in 1998, Quantech Inc. is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

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