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2005 score Baja 1000 race

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Congratulations to David and Jim Pearson!

Motorcycles in Baja for Quantech

Quantech's president, Jack Pyck, was part of a support team at the 2005 SCORE Baja 1000 race in Ensenada, Mexico. The support team consisted of 12 off road enthusiasts. The competitors, David Pearson and Jim Pearson from Denver, CO each rode their Honda XR 650 bikes "ironman" (Solo).

The Baja 1000 is the most grueling off-road race in North America. It takes off road racers over some very harsh terrain for a 1000 mile long race on the Baja peninsula of Mexico. Racers drive specially built Trucks and Buggies alongside ATV's and Motorbikes.

According to observers and participants this years Baja course was one of the most challenging ever. The numbers back up that assessment: Out of the 365 vehicles to start, only 163 finished the race.

Here is how Sal Fish, CEO/president of the race's sanctioning body, SCORE International, put it at a competitors meeting:

"You're about to experience a most incredible adventure. You must expect at all times to encounter oncoming traffic. You must be alert that there are many cows, calves, bulls, horses, and goats roaming freely on and around the course. All competitors are reminded that off-road racing is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or even death. Due to weather, animals, and people, [we] do not guarantee that all [course] markings will still be up on race day. Be advised that spectators on or near the racecourse may engage in malicious activities by building ramps, digging ditches, and/or placing objects onto the course. Once the race starts, it's outta my hands--you're on your own, or, in other words, the lunatics will, indeed, be running the asylum. Good luck and have fun!"

Both our riders, David and Jim Pearson rode the entire course SOLO on their Honda XR 650 and finished! This is an incredible feat that very few riders can attain. They rode hard for 27hrs non-stop. Most teams had 3 or 4 riders and many did not finish. We want to congratulate them both for this incredible effort.

Here are some of Jack's comments:

"This was an incredible adventure indeed, surely the wildest ride I have ever been part of. David and Jim are unbelievably strong riders and should be very proud of what they have achieved in Baja. David hit a fence post 8 miles from the finish and broke his wrist in 2 places. Instead of accepting a ride in the ambulance he quickly got back on the bike and finished the race! Both riders finished within 20 minutes of each other. When asked if they would do it again, they answered: " Ask me again in a couple of months". I know that I'll be ready to go next year!

Our pits were out in the boonies and at night there was a carnival like atmosphere with loud music, lots of camp fires and of course roaring thunder as the Trophy Trucks were speeding by. It was all quite surreal and had a definite "Mad Max" feel to it. Many people went through great lengths to come out and watch the race. I was sure glad to be part of it."

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