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STEP 1 - Set System Defaults
Set Q-Menus Defaults
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Set Finance Deal Defaults
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Set Default F&I Menu Types
Tax Defaults
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STEP 2 - Set Up Your Menus
Item Templates
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Add Other Item
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Group Templates
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Change Order of Items in Group
Copy Group Template
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Menu Templates
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Edit Disclosure Statement
Edit Menu Template
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Test Your Menus
STEP 3 - Manage Deals
View Deal List
View Deal Details
Create a New Deal
Create a New Cash Deal
Create a New Finance Deal
Create a New Lease Deal
Edit a Deal
Find Deal
Clear Deal
Calculate Deal
Print Deal
Save Changes
Discard Changes
View or Change Settings
Apply F&I Menus
Edit a Menu Item
Edit a Group
Change Group Name
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Change Order of Items in Group
Edit Menu Template
Show/Hide Payments and Totals
Preview Menu
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Delete Custom Menu
Print Menu
Print Menu with Product Prices
Delete a Deal
Search Deals
STEP 4 - Present Menus to Customer
Work with Extended Warranties
Present Menu
Present Menu with Prices
Select and Apply Menu to Deal
Print Declination (Menu Declined)
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