Why Choose Us

  • We know how dealerships work.
  • We should. We’ve been making DMS, F&I and Menu Selling software for Auto Dealerships, RV Dealerships, Power Sports Dealerships and Marine Dealerships since 1998.We have been delivering excellence and making friendships with our clients for 15 years.

  • Easy to use, small footprint systems.
  • Really. If you can use a phone or send an email, using Quantech products will be a breeze.

  • People working with people.
  • No automated phone systems here! And we will hold your hand until you are ready to fly solo.

  • Constantly updated systems.
  • Over the years as business, technology and workflows change, we adapt... that usually puts us ahead of the game by a few steps.

  • Does your DMS screen still look like it was built in 1984?
  • Enough said.

  • Software that's un-cluttered and easy-to-use.
  • That’s because of our design philosophy and the rigorous vetting process we go through before adding new features. You’ll find few “nice to have” features in our products, just the ones that are going to help you sell more!

  • Scalable software.
  • Pay for what you really need.

  • No risk sign up.
  • Just like you, we hate contracts! We do not tie you to lengthy contracts, we believe our products and services speak for themselves.

  • Affordable?
  • Our pricing won't break the bank...starting at $199 per month!

  • We’re just the right size.
  • We’re not some small basement operation that’s in business this year and gone the next; nor are we a large multi-national corporation so large it’s unable to provide the personalized service your dealership needs. Quantech Software is the right size to provide you with the software and solution support you need. Learn more about Quantech and our origins?

  • We answer to you.
  • As a private company we don’t answer to a board of directors or to investors. Our customers pay us for our services. We answer to them.

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